MY-GB050 DJ GigBar
MY-GB050 DJ GigBar
MY-GB050 DJ GigBar
MY-GB050 DJ GigBar
MY-GB050 DJ GigBar
MY-GB050 DJ GigBar
MY-GB050 DJ GigBar
MY-GB050 DJ GigBar

MIYA DJ GigBar Move 5-in-1 Ultimate Effect stage lights

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Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Ultimate Portable DJ Lighting System
This cutting-edge portable system integrates two LED Derby fixtures, an LED wash light, a laser, and four high-power LED strobe lights, all mounted on a crossbar.
Newfeel DJ GigBAR 2.0: Your All-in-One DJ Lighting Solution
The DJ GigBAR 2.0 LED DJ lighting system has everything you need for your performances. With UV, strobe, and color mixing effects, you can achieve any lighting ambiance you desire. Be a unique individual. Be one of a kind. Be an electrifying presence. Effortlessly control and operate the various special effects provided by GigBAR 2.0. A variety of shapes, colors, and effects can be added to elevate your performance, making it your most luxurious and exciting show to date.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Outstanding Design and Easy Operatio
  • The automation and sound-activated programs of GigBAR 2.0 showcase its four effects, creating a seamless performance. While it may sound complex, operating it is incredibly simple. Just insert the small 3-pin into the laser module and rotate it to the ON position to unlock the safety lock.

  • The user-friendly display interface and the IRC-6 remote control make wireless control of the system convenient. If you need multiple units, you can link them via power, saving time on wiring and extending cables. GigBAR 2.0 is the perfect way to effortlessly illuminate your show with dynamic and exciting light.
Versatile Coverage with Adjustable and Interchangeable Heads
Use the four adjustable and interchangeable independent heads to cover any room or stage. The included tripod, wireless footswitch, and free carrying bag ensure quick setup and breakdown for various applications.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Gig bar effect
The four high-power LED strobe lights create thrilling chase and slow-motion effects.
Adjustable Red and Green Lasers for Dazzling Displays
Adjustable red and green lasers scatter hundreds of bright points and beams in all the right directions.
6 x LED tri de 9W
2 x LED red 3W, 2 x LED green 3W ,2 x LED blue 3W
LASER: green
30mW/520nm, red: 100mW/650nm
LED flash
4 x 1W
DMX channel
3,5,9, 27CH
Packing size
1442 x 149 x 591 mm
Miya Laser Light
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