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3D Laser Shows – MIYA Lasers

by MIYA LASERS on Sep 07, 2023

3D Laser Shows – MIYA Lasers
The concept of creating a three-dimensional (3D) laser shows has intrigued laser enthusiasts and lighting designers for many years. Many clients often ask for a “3D Laser” or how to create “3D Laser shows”… In this blog post, we’ll discuss what this actually means, as well as define the various methods and equipment needed to create these types of effects.

Types of 3D laser shows

Inherently, any laser show projected outward towards an audience is in of itself, three-dimensional (3D). The most common types of 3D Laser shows are noted below.

1. Aerial laser beam show

Generally, the lasers are placed on a stage or area in front of the audience and projected out towards the crowd. *NOTE, when performing audience scanning laser effects, make sure proper safety precautions are taken, and that you are working in a compliant and safe manner.
Aerial lasers
dj laser show
Audience Scanning lasers
dj laser show

2. 3D laser graphics show

This is where laser graphics are programmed using a camera path, to give the impression of a three-dimensional laser show. The content projected can be a short, small animation, or a complete timeline based laser show. Examples of both, are included below.

3. Projected laser graphics, through a scrim

Often times clients want to see a laser graphic (think a logo, text or perhaps a holiday-themed animation) projected onto a surface, but viewable from the other side. A picture of this is shown below.
The common setup for such a show generally uses a laser, or multiple lasers, placed behind a scrim and rear-projected onto its surface – So the lasers are projected onto the scrim from the back, and viewable from the front. * A “scrim”, is simply a mesh netted drape, which is hung from a ceiling. In some cases, scrims can be automated as well (so they can be triggered to come up / down, as needed).
dj laser show

4. Laser images “floating in space”

The final type of “3D Laser Show” that can be created is one of the most daunting because when viewing it, many people think the laser image they are seeing is “floating in space”. A picture is included below, illustrating this concept.
The reality is that lasers will always need a “medium” to pass through, or a surface to project on, for any projected image, effect, or content to be visible. So to create a laser show with an image that appears to “float in space” you need to project the laser graphic or content through a smoke or water screen.
Such devices let off a small mist of smoke, haze or water, which is generally not visible under normal show scenarios. When projecting a laser image through it, particularly a laser graphic, text or animation, it will give the appearance that the laser content is truly “floating in space”. However, it is not. The smoke, haze or water is capturing the laser projection, and acting as a surface for it to be held onto. Creating the illusion of an image, floating in space.

5. Projecting lasers onto a cloud

Many people remember the movie Batman, where the Batman logo was projected into the sky, for everyone to see. Such an effect is quite desirable, especially when thinking about using lasers for advertising, and related applications. Projecting a laser image onto a cloud is possible, but only under incredibly stringent weather conditions.
As mentioned above, lasers need a medium to project through, or onto, in order for an image to be visible. So, when attempting to project onto a cloud, there needs to be a lot of humidity, and moisture in the air, for any chance of the image to be viewable. You are also going to need an incredibly high power laser, with a fast optical scanning system, to achieve such an effect.

Equipment recommended for various 3D laser shows

Beam effects projected outwards towards an audience:
M3600 – Venues up to 5,000 people
M30 – Venues up to 8,000 people
M4700 – Venues up to 10,000+ people
M22 – Venues up to 20,000 people
Spectrum Series – Venues over 20,000 people or stadium-sized shows

3D laser graphic shows:

ClubMAX FB4 Series: perfect for small to medium size indoor venues.
LogoLas Series: permanent outdoor installations and projections up to 100M away.
Superbeam Series: perfect for long distance projections.
Projected laser graphics through a scrim:
ClubMAX FB4 Series: is an ideal fit, depending on the venue size
If you need to know more, please contact us, we are very happy to recommend the laser light suitable for you.