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Elevate Your Performance with a Portable DJ Laser System

by MIYA LASERS on Oct 17, 2023

Elevate Your Performance with a Portable DJ Laser System

Enhancing Your Mobile DJ Setup with Lasers

For many DJs, lasers often occupy a less prominent position on the list of lighting upgrades in a mobile DJ setup. Typically, this occurs after they've addressed critical components like loudspeakers, DJ consoles, and subwoofers. This article explores the progression of a DJ's gear acquisition and highlights the importance of lasers for creating captivating performances.
The Evolution of DJ Gear
Prioritizing Sound Quality
New DJs often begin by focusing on sound quality. This involves investing in items like loudspeakers, DJ consoles, and subwoofers. This emphasis is understandable as sound quality is a tangible and critical aspect of their craft.

Entering the World of Wash Lighting

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As DJs gain experience, their attention shifts to wash lighting. This addition allows them to become eligible for higher-paying events like weddings and corporate functions. This transition usually occurs after they've established their skills and gear in sound production.
Recognizing the Missing Piece: Party-Rocking laser light projector
However, as DJs progress and aim for more extensive and exciting performances, they often realize a crucial component is missing: party-rocking laser light projector. MIYA laser, a well-known manufacturer, has recognized this market need and has introduced the MM2 series, targeting beginner DJs looking to elevate their setups.
These mobile DJs are now prepared to invest in lazer lights that offer a significant impact, enabling them to retire their basic $99 lazer lights from their early days. The positive audience response to their laser-enhanced shows provides the confidence and motivation to continue upgrading with MIYA laser products.

Getting Booked for Electronic Music & Live Music Events

Leveraging Lasers for Electronic Music Events
Certain music genres, such as electronic dance music (EDM), naturally complement lazer lights. Being chosen to handle the lighting production for an EDM concert or festival is a testament to your professionalism and expertise. This coveted opportunity often arises when you've already established yourself as a reputable figure in the industry.

Expanding Into New Territories

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For many aspiring production companies and independent lighting designers seeking to break into these territories, targeting slightly less mainstream venues is a strategic approach. Consider venues like colleges and universities that host top performers. These institutions often require technical services to meet the needs of high-profile artists, creating an opening for lighting professionals.
Building Relationships with Colleges and Universities.
Forming connections with the individuals responsible for booking vendors for these events is vital. If you can establish a working relationship with these decision-makers, it can be an excellent opportunity to build your reputation within the industry. This type of recognition is invaluable when you're building your resume as a lighting production service.

Powerful Laser Shows for Renowned Artists

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Our collaborations often involve providing sound, lighting, and laser services for well-known artists in electronic music and related genres. These events might not be widely publicized as they cater to the students of the institution.
In conclusion, lazer lights are a crucial component for mobile DJs looking to enhance their performances. Understanding the evolution of DJ gear priorities and capitalizing on opportunities in the electronic music industry and academia can help lighting professionals build a strong reputation and create unforgettable experiences for their clients.
Use this information to your advantage to better understand your clients, and you will find the opportunities needed to close the deal with these institutions.