MIYA BlackCube Portable 1-5W Laser Lights with iOS App Control and Battery Power

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Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
M6 Laser Light: Unleash Creativity, Illuminate Anywhere
Innovative Leadership, Instant Smart Control
Meet the M6 Laser Light, a top-tier DJ Laser Light designed for creators who demand precision and flexibility.
Featuring advanced control via an Apple phone app, this stage light makes it easy to transform any space into a dynamic performance venue. Your iPhone becomes a powerful command center, giving you control over the M6’s rich palette of RGB Laser effects with just a tap.
Freedom Unbounded, Enduring Illumination
Beyond its cutting-edge features, the M6 stands out with its robust build, ideal for both indoor and Outdoor Laser Lights applications.
It comes equipped with a powerful battery, ensuring 2 hours of continuous operation on a single charge—perfect for locations without direct power access and demanding the reliability of LED Stage Lighting.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
One-Touch Operation, Boundless Intelligence
    • Start the show with just a touch: power up, connect to the LightELF app, and witness the M6 becoming a central part of your Laser Show Light setup.

  • Its seamless integration and user-friendly interface mean you're always just a moment away from creating stunning visual displays.
The app’s interface allows you to tap into a world of possibilities
Patterns and Doodles: Draw and project your creations in real-time using the M6’s vibrant RGB Laser capabilities.
Text Playback: Craft messages and sync them with your lighting, perfect for setting moods or communicating with audiences.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Dynamic Scenes, At Your Whim
From precise timing controls to spontaneous RGB Laser transitions, the M6 adapits flawlessly to your creative demands.
Engage the sound-activated mode and watch as your stage lights sync perfectly with the music, enhancing every beat with visually stunning Laser Lighting Effects.
Input Voltage
DC12V 4A
Built-in 3x18650 rechargeable batteries (Approximately 2 hours of battery life when fully charged)
Power Consumption
 Less than 50W
Laser Power
 RGB 300mw-5W
Laser Wavelength: Green
520nm, Red: 638nm, Blue: 450nm
Laser Type
Imported semiconductor solid-state lasers
Laser Beam Size at Output
less than 8*6mm
Laser Beam Divergence Angle
less than 1.3mrad
Laser Color
Full color
Scanning System
15kpps galvanometer, scanning angle ±20°
Modulation Signal
TTL modulation or analog modulation
User Interface 
 Color display for setting operation modes, can be edited and controlled directly via mobile APP (LightElf) or WeChat mini-program (supports both iOS and Android systems)
Laser Patterns
Includes 180 geometric figures + 60 groups of animation effects (mobile APP can only access 50 groups each)
Control Modes
Standalone/mobile APP control
DMX Control/ILDA Control
Available only in M7 series
Miya Laser Light
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