10W 15W 20W 532nm Landmark Laser Lights RGB Laser Lights Show Equipment For Outdoor

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  • MIYA M760 Series Laser Lights Projector The MIYA M760 series indoor laser lights projector is a cutting-edge stage light featuring analog/TTL modulation with an impressive guaranteed output power of 10W~20W. It offers seamless compatibility with various ILDA laser control software, such as Pangolin Quickshow, Beyond, and Ishow, through an external ILDA interface (e.g. FB3/FB4).
  • Unleash Mesmerizing Visuals Our M760 laser show club lighting presents a stunning visual spectacle. The 10W/15W/20W RGB laser projector DJ lights come equipped with an extensive array of 160 patterns, a myriad of laser color combinations, and thousands of captivating multi-color beams.
  • Dynamic 3D Animation Laser Control The M760 stage light boasts an advanced high-speed optical scanner, allowing you to generate mesmerizing animated graphics, along with hundreds of beam and graphic show patterns. You have complete control over movement, rotation, zoom (+/-), drawing, and speed adjustments. The versatile working modes include Automatic, Sound Activated, Remote, and DMX512.
  • Unmatched Control Options With professional 6CH / 34 Channels, the M760 laser animation is easily controllable through DMX consoles, allowing seamless DJ lighting effects and operational mode changes. Ideal for creating the perfect party atmosphere in venues like bars and clubs.
  • Choose the Right Power for Your Venue - M760 10W: Perfectly suited for venues spanning 4000~5000 square feet. - M760 20W: Ideal for larger spaces, covering 6000~8000 square feet.
  • Uncompromised Quality and Safety The MIYA M760 sky laser lights projector prioritizes both quality and safety. Its built-in cooling fan ensures consistent laser brightness, enabling prolonged usage. Moreover, under standard operating conditions, the laser scanner boasts an impressive service life of 5000 to 10000 hours.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
The M760 nod laser is perfect for medium to large indoor venues, as well as for use at small to medium size outdoor shows and festivals (up to around 10,000 people capacity).
The fixture can also be used both indoors and outdoors, for the laser lights of laser graphics, logos, text, and laser billboard advertisements.
DMX signal conduction prompt function
The device can automatically check whether the DMX signal is connected.
When it is detected that there is no DMX signal or the console does not pass, the laser will automatically turn off the light, and the channel numbers on the operation display panel will keep flashing until it is turned on.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
ILDA signal intelligent switching
  • After the device is connected to the ILDA signal line, it can automatically determine whether the ILDA controller (card) is connected. After it is judged that it is connected, it can automatically switch to the ILDA mode and accept the control of the ILDA controller (card).

  • And set up the ILDA information output port to amplify the input signal, so that the connection can be extended infinitely.
Silent Operation for Noise-Sensitive Environments
With MCU-controlled linear speed regulation, all fans operate smoothly and quietly.
This feature is particularly beneficial in noise-sensitive settings like studios, concerts, and other events that require minimal background noise.
Our two-year testing process allowed us to optimize specific setting parameters, bringing you closer to the ideal working condition of the laser light projector.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Manually adjust the pattern size
Through the X-axis and Y-axis pattern size adjustment knobs of the operation panel, the pattern size can be adjusted to meet the different pattern sizes in different applications.
Power supply
AC110/220V, 50-60Hz±10%
Rated power
 max 200W
Laser power
Laser modulated signal
analog or TTL modulation
Type of laser
imported semiconductor solid-state laser
Beam diameter at the aperture
less than 7mm
Beam divergence
less than 1.3mrad 
Laser wavelength
 red  638±5nm, green  520±5nm, blue 450±5nm
Scanning system
 30K-40KPPS high speed  scanning 
Control mode
international standard ILDA control /DMX512 signal control /self-walk/voice control/master-slave 
Control interface
international ILDA DB25 interface, international DXM512 , can connect with American pangolin laser software and tiger, pearl, MA controller,etc.
Safety function
one beam protection, no signal to close the light, etc
Suitable places
big show,dacing hall, club, Bar and other enterntainment venues
Working environment
indoor (-30~40 degrees)
carton case 
Miya Laser Light
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