2W RGB Waterproof Gypsophila Stage Party Lights Laser Lights for Performances Weddings DJs Nightclubs

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  • Power Supply:AC 110-240V/50-60Hz, RGB 2W for vibrant color displays.
  • Functionality:Offers flexible control options including DMX, Stand-alone, Sound Control, and Master-Slave Mode to suit any event or setup.
  • Applications:Perfect for enhancing the atmosphere in Disco Dance Halls and Bar stage lights with its dynamic effects.
  • Effects:Features seven-color beams and various pen effects, with the ability to adjust color, rotation direction, and rotation speed remotely for personalized lighting shows.
  • Dimensions:Comes with an Inner Box Size of 25x18x17cm per piece and an Outer Box Size of 50x51x38cm per box, housing 16 pieces.
  • Weight:Lightweight at just 1kg per piece, with a Gross Weight of 16kg for 16 pieces, making it easy to transport and setup.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Ultimate Party Enhancer: FX003 Stage Laser Lights
Introduce a splash of color and energy to your party with the FX003 Stage lights Laser Lights.
Designed with a robust power supply of AC 110-240V/50-60Hz and a potent RGB 2W output, this laser lights promises to illuminate your events like never before.
The FX003 is engineered for versatility, featuring multiple operational modes such as DMX, Stand-alone, Sound Control, and Master-Slave Mode, making it a perfect fit for disco dance halls and bar stage lighting.
Its seven-color beams and various pen effects, adjustable via remote control for color, rotation direction, and speed, ensure a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that keeps your guests moving.
Innovative Features for Dynamic Lighting
Dive into the future of party lighting with the FX003's cutting-edge design and features.
This model stands out with its capability to produce an array of effects from seven-color beams to mesmerizing pen effects.
The inclusion of remote control functionality allows for easy adjustments to color, rotation direction, and speed, enabling you to customize the ambiance to match the mood of any event or celebration.
Whether it's a lively disco night or a serene bar setting, the FX003 adds a layer of visual excitement that's simply unparalleled.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Sky Lasers and Landmark Projections
    • The utilization of show lasers as skylasers, also referred to as landmark lasers, is on the rise.

  • These laser lights cast luminous beams into the nighttime sky or target prominent structures and natural formations. Such projections possess an enchanting quality that never fails to captivate the observer.
Designed for Convenience and Durability
The FX003 is not just about impressive lighting effects; it's also built for ease of use and longevity.
Its plug-and-play setup means you can get your laser light show started instantly, with a huge coverage area of 2000-3000 sqft depending on the projection distance. Designed with a waterproof metal case and including a long cable for flexible positioning, the FX003 is suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.
Whether you're planning an outdoor event, a Halloween party, or a Christmas lighting show, this laser lights with an indoor base and outdoor stake ensures your occasion is memorable.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
A New Era of Laser Lighting
The FX003 heralds a new age in lazer lights technology.
By marrying the laser effect with the enchanting gypsophila effect, it brings the magical starry sky indoors.
The device's ability to create a realistic starry sky effect, complemented by the backdrop of blue clouds and thousands of green stars, offers an unparalleled visual feast.
This fresh approach to lighting transforms any dark space into a warm and romantic haven, proving that lighting can indeed be a catalyst for creating unforgettable moments.
Power Supply
AC 110-240V/50-60Hz, RGB 2W
DMX, Stand-alone, Sound Control, Master-Slave Mode
Disco Dance Halls, Bar Stage Lighting
Seven-color beams, various pen effects, remote control adjustable for color, rotation direction, and rotation speed
Inner Box Size
25x18x17cm per piece
Outer Box Size
50x51x38cm per box (16 pieces)
 1kg per piece
Gross Weight
16kg for 16 pieces
Miya Laser Light
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