2W Voice Remote Dual Lens RGB Laser Animation Light for DJ Disco Stage Party

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Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Electrifying Power in Every Beam
Experience the ultimate light show with the FX005 Stage Party Laser Light, engineered for peak performance.
Powered by AC 110-240V for global compatibility and designed to operate seamlessly within a temperature range of 10-40°C, it's the perfect addition to any stage or house party setting.
Versatile and Vivid Visuals
Dive into a full spectrum of colors with the FX005's 2 Holes RGB Animation Laser feature.
This marvel of technology integrates a double 3D animated graphics projection through its dual precision Galvo scanning system, creating an unforgettable visual experience.
From vibrant reds to deep blues, and even unique combinations yielding yellow, indigo, purple, and white, the FX005 paints your house party with the colors of imagination.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Control at Your Fingertips
  • Tailor every moment with the FX005's multifaceted control system.
  • Whether you're synchronizing the party lights to the rhythm of the music, orchestrating a complex dance of beams in DMX mode, or utilizing the Auto and Master-Slave modes for a synchronized show across multiple units, the FX005 adapts to your needs.
  • With added remote control functionality, command your light show with ease and precision, making every event a seamless spectacle.
Designed for the Ultimate Show
The FX005 isn't just a light; it's the heart of your events.
With dimensions designed for ease of setup and transportation, and a gross weight that ensures stability without sacrificing portability, it's ready for any venue.
Remember, for an enhanced effect, introduce a smoke machine into the mix to amplify the dynamic beams and scanning effects, transforming any space into an immersive arena of light.
Miya Laser Light
AC 110-240V / 50-60Hz
Laser Power
 Red 600mW / 650nm, Green 600mW / 532nm, Blue 800mW / 450nm
DMX, Auto, Sound Control, Master-Slave Modes
Control System
High-Speed Motor, Scanning Angle, Input Signal, Linear Distortion
Program Effects
Various Beam Effects, Complex Patterns, Strobe Effects
Operating Temperature
Inner Box Dimensions
34x24x15cm / Outer Box Dimensions: 70x50x32.5cm
 Box Weight
Gross Weigh
Miya Laser Light
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