3D Effect Sound Sensing Laser Lights for Christmas, Halloween, Club, KTV, and Karaoke Events

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  • Laser Power:RGB 500nw
  • Control Mode:DMX512, automatic, music control.
  • Professional 12 Channels
  • Control channel: 10 Channels
  • More than 100 lasers patter
  • Whether you are a professional DJ or a novice, you can easily operate it.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
M2022 Dual-Lens Stage Laser Light: A Spectacle of Color and Magic
In the realm of mesmerizing stage illumination, the M2022 laser lights takes the spotlight.
Unlike its counterparts, thislaser laser party lights boasts an innovative background function that elevates its allure. Enhanced with two lenses and dynamic RGB backgrounds, it goes beyond the ordinary, crafting over 100 images.
This orchestration of light paints the stage with a tapestry of hues and a symphony of laser brilliance, setting an enchanting atmosphere ablaze.
Unmatched Stage Enchantment
The M2022 projector christmas lights isn't just a light; it's a maestro of imagery. Behold Christmas trees, harmonious notes, and captivating geometrical shapes.
Yet, this is just the overture. Its grating effects are a cosmic ballet—simulating raindrops or starlight cascades.
Romance is woven into every beam, enveloping your stage like a velvet embrace.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Precision Redefined
    • With the heart of a virtuoso, the M2022 wields a high-speed, expansive-angle precision motor. Effortlessly, it conjures flawless laser effects—a fan's gentle sweep, oceanic waves, the spellbinding zoom, ethereal dots, and an artful flip. But that's not all.

  • It unveils animations, infusing your stage with a playful spirit, and making every performance an ode to delight.
Synced to Sound & Masterful Control
The Newfeel M2022 stage lights dances to its own rhythm—multiple rhythms, actually.
A symphony of modes awaits: the master-slave duet, the rhythmic conversation of sound control, the editable dmx choreography, and the autonomous display of lighting, serenading the night.
Whether you're a seasoned maestro of beats or a novice explorer of music's realm, mastering this symphony is a breeze.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Dynamic RGB & Moving Magic
The M2022's high-precision stepping motor scanner crafts a kaleidoscope of effects: galloping horses, iridescent rainbows, hypnotic alternations, strobes that freeze time, and a treasury of 15 pattern libraries.
Indoors or outdoors, for DJs, bands, bars, clubs, or private soirées, it conjures a realm where colors pirouette and magic lives.
Operating Voltage
AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Input Power
Laser power
 Green 80mw/520nm; Red 100mw/650nm; Blue150mw/450nm
Laser color
 RG or GB or RGB
Scanning system
 1.8° High precision stepper motor scanning system
Laser pattners
Full sky star spot and small pattern
Control mode
Full sky star spot and small pattern
Control mode
DMX512; sound active; auto run
Control channels
Working environment
 indoor (10-35) °
Cooling system
Miya Laser Light
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