Professional Laser Beam Shows Lights 50~130w Outdoor Waterproof Laser Projector

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  • The MIYALaser M5600 has a guaranteed output power of 50W and a max output power of 130W full colour Red, Green and Blue.
  • This show laser light provides an analog modulation.
  • It means a better colour fading and a much broader colour.
  • Power consumption: 40w
  • Single beam range up to 7km
  • This product is used in landmark buildings, tourist attractions, large theme parks, and other outdoor places.
  • The main features are: a lightning protection level upgrade, high-precision heating, cooling, and constant temperature, and can be equipped with GPRS remote control.
  • Combining that much power with it is precision 40K graphics scanners, whereby accuracy and beam shape is extremely advanced, so these units are suitable for high professional applications.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Unleash Impactful Aerial Beam Effects
Discover the MIYA M5600, a state-of-the-art, full-color RGB diode-based laser system designed to captivate your audience with breathtaking aerial light beam effects.
This innovative technology goes beyond ordinary displays by seamlessly creating laser graphics, logos, and text, amplifying the impact of your visual presentations.
Ideal for Diverse Applications
Tailored for DJs, nightclubs, and entertainment venues seeking an accessible yet striking laser system, the M5600 Series stands out as the ultimate solution.
Its ease of use and remarkable performance come together at a budget-friendly price point.
Suitable for venues accommodating up to 2,000 people, this series ensures a memorable visual experience for both intimate gatherings and larger crowds.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Effortless Control
  • Simplifying setup and operation, the M5600 Series laser lights offer unparalleled ease of use.

  • Control options abound, whether you opt for ILDA control or prefer the versatility of DMX / ArtNET control, facilitated by the Pangolin software.
30w~100w outdoor laser light projector
Elevating Outdoor Visuals: Step into the world of outdoor laser light projector with the F5600 Series, featuring power options ranging from 30w to 100w.
This series defines the concept of "landmark laser," bringing distant points to life through a performance laser system designed for outdoor application.
While the term "landmark laser" predominantly thrives in Asian countries, its Western counterparts include "sky laser," "sky beam laser," or simply "sky laser."
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Elegance Meets Innovation
The F5600 Series boasts an elegant LCD screen that exudes grace.
Innovative 3D effects, a built-in 3D pattern green laser switching system, and an array of meticulously crafted 3D patterns empower you to effortlessly transition from 2D to captivating 3D visuals, all without the need for complex software.
Moreover, the system incorporates an automatic light shutdown feature in case of scanner failure.
Power supply
 AC110/220V, 50-60Hz±10%
Rated power
max 1000W
Laser power
Laser modulated signal
 analog or TTL modulation 
Type of laser
imported semiconductor solid-state laser
Beam diameter at the aperture 
less than 10mm
Beam divergence
less than 1.3mrad 
Laser wavelength
red 635 or 638±5nm, green 532 or 520±5nm, blue 450±5nm
Scanning system
25-40KPPS high speed  scanning
Protection level
flight case
Miya Laser Light
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