50W Waterproof IP65 Professional Outdoor Laser Lights For Skylite

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  • 52,000mW Guaranteed Output
  • Scanner: 35kpps@8°
  • Waterproof:IP65
  • Beam diameter (1/e2): <6.5mm
  • Beam divergence (1/e2): <1.2mrad (full angle)
  • Laser Classification: Class 4
  • Laser Wave Length: 445-640nm
  • Professional high speed optical scanner system running at 35k
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Advanced RGB Laser System in Weatherproof Housing
The M52 laser lights system, boasting full-color RGB capabilities, is securely encased within a robust weatherproof housing with an IP-65 rating.
This housing is expertly controlled by Pangolin's integrated FB4 media server. This setup offers versatile control options for your LogoLas laser light projector.
Versatile Control Options
FB4 media server facilitates various control modes for the M52 laser.
These include stand-alone "auto-mode," convenient "streaming-mode" via direct ethernet connection to your PC, and precise "console-mode" for control from a lighting console using ArtNET protocol.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Effortless Dimming and Manipulation
  • The SuperBeam Series M52 lasers incorporate a user-friendly dimming function on their side panels.

  • This eliminates the need to access the top chassis panel for adjustments, streamlining the process of manipulating laser lights directly from the sides.

  • This setup not only enhances convenience but also safeguards against external contamination.
High-Speed Optical Scanning for Stunning Projection
At the heart of the MIYA laser system lies the M52 optical scanning system, renowned as one of the fastest on the global stage.
This extraordinary scanning speed empowers you to project captivating laser graphics, text, logos, and animations. Furthermore, it widens the scan area significantly, enabling a single laser to cover far more space compared to conventional lasers.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Included QuickShow Laser Design Software
The M52 laser system comes bundled with Pangolin's QuickShow laser show design software.
This software provides an array of tools that empower you to craft your own remarkable laser lights. Additionally, QuickShow includes a vast library of pre-designed laser clip art that can be readily utilized.
Laser Classification
 Class 4
Laser sources
Full diode lasers
Beam diameter (1/e2)
less than 6.5mm
Beam divergence (1/e2)
less than 1.2mrad (full angle)  
Laser Wave Length
Maximum total output power
Scan angle:50degree,Max
Laser emission window
B+W antireflective coated 
AC power input
100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Input power
 2200W maximum
Max. ambient temperaturet
Min. ambient temperature
Miya Laser Light
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