App Remote Control 1W 2W Laser Lights For KTV Disco DJ Party Show Rave Lights

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  • Enhance your experience with our APP remote control.
  • Enjoy preprogrammed shows in stand-alone mode.
  • Easy system control with 6/34CH DMX channels for seamless integration.
  • Customize sound activation sensitivity.
  • Experience adjustable speed in the auto mode.
  • Effortlessly connect via 3-pin XLR DMX in-/output.
  • Convenient control panel with LED display.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Captivating Motion with Dynamic Laser Lights Patterns
Prepare to be entranced by the mesmerizing pattern effects of our MH2 Series christmas laser light projector.
Boasting dynamic 3D beams and captivating animation performances, the possibilities are limitless.
Enchanting Voice-Activated Interactions
Imagine your laser lights responding to your voice, moving and shifting in sync with the music – a captivating feature of our MH2 Series rave lights.
With voice-activated self-propelled transformation, the lighting groove to the rhythm, creating an enchanting ambiance that elevates any party.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Bluetooth App Remote Control
    • Seize control effortlessly with our Bluetooth App Remote feature. Whether you prefer automatic mode, music activation mode, or DMX mode, our app has got you covered.

  • For tech-savvy party hosts, we've added Bluetooth mode, allowing you to customize your DIY programs. Please note that the app is currently available for Android.
Limitless Laser Lights Patterns
Prepare to be amazed by the abundant variety of effects our MH2 Series offers.
From broken pen effects to strobes, tumbling, zooming, and more – it's an explosion of colors and patterns that will leave your guests in awe. With built-in 128 beams and animation patterns, these lights are perfect for laser lights advertising, beam animation performances, and creating stunning laser sky net beam displays.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Effortless Digital Adjustmentn
Say goodbye to delicate potentiometer switches as our MH2 Series laser lights introduce voice control sensitivity digital adjustment.
Simply use the up and down buttons to set the microphone sensitivity from 0 to 9, providing you with complete control and a hassle-free experience.
Laser power
Laser wavelength
green light: 532nm or 525nm red light: 638nm blue light: 450nm
Laser type
imported semiconductor solid-state laser
Beam diameter / divergence angle
less than 5mm and less than2.0mrad
Laser color
Seven colors
Scanning system
15kpps, scanning angle ± 20 °
Modulation signal
 TTL modulation
Operation interface
LCD display button operation
Laser pattern
15 groups of pattern library, 1900 patterns
Control mode
DMX51/Auto-run /Sound active / master-slave 
DMX channel
6 or 34 channels
Miya Laser Light
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