Mini DJ Lights 4 Beam Effects Sound Activated Laser Strobe Lights

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  • More than 100 laser lights patterns
  • Laser source: solid semiconductor laser generator
  • Control channel: 5CH
  • Power consumption: 40w
  • Control mode: DMX-512 signal control, music control, automatically run
  • Laser wavelength:60mW/532nm,100mW/650nm*2,150mW/650nm*1,100mW/405nm
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Built-In a Variety of Patterns, Rich Effects
The brand-new M1066 DJ laser light 4 lens is available in green, red, purple, and yellow.
These 4 tuner beams can emit more than 100 laser lights patterns and combine them into more than 300 lighting effects.
M1066 RGB laser supports Stage lights provide 4 control methods.
1-DMX512 mode: This stage lights has 7 channels, which can be controlled by DMX.
2-Automatic mode: automatic color, colorless, random.
3-Three master-slave modes: Allow multiple units to be connected together and work in automatic or sound active mode without a console.
4-sound activity mode: just follow the music to change the color and speed.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
  • M1066 Halloween laser lights has RG or RGBY or RGB laser color, 15 sets of the pattern library, for indoor, outdoor, DJ, band, bar, bar, club, karaoke, party, etc.

  • to decorate magical and colorful images.
Easy to install and easy to carry
M1066 Strobe party lights City can be hung anywhere, there is a hanging hole at the bottom of the bracket, which can be hung on the roof, wall, or table.
The stand can be manually rotated by 180 degrees; no matter where it is hung, it can be rotated as needed.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
4 Independently Controllable Light Outlets
The light outlet is independently controlled, which can control whether each light outlet emits light at any time, and the angle of the light, which increases the operation of details and can create a more perfect effect.
Power supply
Input Power
Laser power
 80mW/520nm Green, 100mW/650nm Red, 150mW/450nm Blue
Laser color
Scanning system
high-precision stepper motor scanning system, large-angle scanning
Control mode
 DMX-512, voice control, self-propelled
Channel mode
Cooling system
forced cooling by fan
inner size
700X250X180mm inner
Gross weight
Outsourcing size
720X530X410mm 4 pieces Outsourcing
Gross weight
Working environment
 indoor (10-35°)
Miya Laser Light
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