MIYA 4K 3D Triple Laser Projector MY-HW Pro

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  • Laser Projection Technology: Standard 20,000 hours, Eco 25,000 hours
  • LCD Display Chip: 0.64-inch
  • Brightness: 1000~7500 Lumens
  • Brightness Contrast Ratio: 3,000,000:1
  • Standard Resolution: WUXGA (1920x1200)
  • Total Power Consumption: 687W
  • Dimensions: 750x550x1238mm
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Comprehensive Outdoor Solution
The MY-HW series projector, designed to cater to the expansive needs of cultural and tourism outdoor illumination projects, stands as a cornerstone for engineering vendors seeking a one-stop solution.
It seamlessly integrates with an array of outdoor lighting accessories including laser lights, moving head lights, interactive laser projections, and pattern lights, virtually covering the entire spectrum of outdoor lighting needs.
This projector series not only illuminates spaces but also brings interactive and aesthetic values to outdoor environments, ensuring that your projects shine with unparalleled brilliance.
Versatile Lens Options
With the MY-HW series, flexibility is paramount. A wide selection of lenses, including long-throw, short-throw, and wide-angle, meets nearly any size requirement and projection demand.
The quick-release bayonet installation simplifies the lens exchange process, enabling rapid adaptation to different settings.
Whether it's a sprawling outdoor landscape or a detailed close-up projection, the MY-HW series guarantees the perfect fit for every scene.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Durable and Weatherproof Design
    • Tailored for the outdoors, the MY-HW series features a specialized constant temperature box, addressing the critical temperature and humidity needs of the projector.

  • Engineered to operate flawlessly even in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, and thunderstorms, the constant temperature box can autonomously heat or cool to maintain optimal operating conditions.

  • The enclosure, made from 2mm high-strength aluminum, is waterproof, ventilated, and treated with anti-corrosion coating, ensuring the projector's longevity and consistent performance.
Interactive Radar Control
Elevating the interactive experience, the MY-HW series introduces radar sensing and camera-based control.
Without the need for internet connectivity, these projectors can capture movements through a camera, sending data back to servers and creating responsive projections for a truly immersive interaction.
Additionally, ground or wall-mounted radar sensors extend the interactive capabilities, maintaining effective signal reception within a 3-5 meter range. This technology not only enhances the audience's engagement but also broadens the scope of creative projection applications.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Superior Image Quality and Brightness
Designed to captivate in large venues such as conference halls, auditoriums, galleries, museums, and tourist attractions, the MY-HW series offers unparalleled brightness levels.
With luminescence ratings of 13,000 lm (13,600 lm center) for VPL-FHZ131L, 10,000 lm (10,400 lm center) for VPL-FHZ101L, and 9,000 lm (9,800 lm center), these projectors ensure that even in well-lit environments, your presentations will be vivid and engaging.
Coupled with unique super-resolution technology, the MY-HW series enhances image quality impressively, optimizing low-resolution images without increasing digital noise, bringing projections closer to reality.
Laser Projection Technology
  Standard 20,000 hours, Energy-saving 25,000 hours.
LCD Display Chip
0.64 inch chip
1000~7500 lumens
Brightness Contrast Ratio
Standard Resolution
 WUXGA (19201200)
Total Power Consumption
Miya Laser Light
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