MIYA Laser 5W RGB Beam Stage Lights Show for Party Wedding Disco Event

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  • Outstanding Brightness: Experience dazzling displays with a total laser brightness of 5W, ensuring your performances shine brightly.
  • Full-Color Laser Power: With a composite output of 1500mW for red, 1500mW for green, and a remarkable 2000mW for blue, the MX010 offers a full-color spectrum to mesmerize your audience.
  • Precision Wavelengths: Tailored for optimal visual impact, featuring red at 638nm, green at 525nm, and blue at 445nm.
  • Sharp Laser Focus: Craft your show with precision, thanks to a laser spot diameter of less than 5mm and a divergence angle under 3mrad.
  • Efficient Power Usage: Maximizing performance while minimizing consumption, the MX010 operates under 800W.
  • High-Speed Galvanometer: Achieve fluid, dynamic lighting movements with a 25k high-speed imported galvanometer.
  • Wide Scanning Range: Broaden your visual horizons with a maximum scanning angle of 60 degrees, plus a scanning system of 25kpps at a ±30° angle.
  • Versatile Operating Conditions: Designed to perform in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 35°C, ensuring reliability across diverse environments.
  • Advanced Temperature Control: Maintain optimal performance with a digitally driven temperature control system, featuring both heating and cooling functions for any scenario.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Unmatched Brightness & Precision
The MX010 laser dazzles with a total output of 5W, delivering an unmatched full-color spectacle.
With individual power distributions of 1500mW for red laser and green, and a commanding 2000mW for blue, the MX010 ensures a vivid display across the entire color spectrum.
Precision engineering results in a laser spot diameter under 5mm and a divergence angle of less than 3mrad, making every beam a pinpoint of high-intensity color.
Advanced Control & Functionality
Control is at the heart of the MX010, featuring a 12 channel control system with a comprehensive black field function and a computer interface that complies with the ILDA standard.
Its software control translates all ILDA signals through an electronic switch, allowing for intricate designs and animations.
From stroboscopic effects to zoom and fade, the MX010 brings creativity to your fingertips with its extensive array of functions.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Superior Performance Under Any Condition
    • Equipped with a 25k high-speed imported galvanometer and a maximum scanning angle of 60 degrees, the MX010 is designed for performance.

  • It operates within a temperature range of -20°C to 35°C, thanks to a sophisticated temperature control system that includes both heating and cooling functions.

  • This ensures consistent operation, even in the most demanding environments, making the MX010 a reliable choice for professionals.
Safety & Special Effects
Safety is paramount with the MX010, featuring an automatic shutdown in the events of a motor system failure to prevent any hazards.
Alongside this, the MX010 comes packed with a range of special effects including color changes, stroboscopic, and unique wave effects, offering endless possibilities for beam animation, laser advertising, and more.
Whether through TTL or analog modulation, the MX010 brings your stage to life with dynamic visual presentations that captivate and awe.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Advanced Temperature Control
Maintain optimal performance with a digitally driven temperature control system, featuring both heating and cooling functions for any scenario.
Total laser brightness
5W full color
Laser power
≥ 5W 
Full color laser power
1500mW (red), 1500mW (green), 2000mW (blue)
Laser wavelength
Red - 638nm, Green - 525nm, Blue - 445nm
Laser spot diameter
Less than 5mm, divergence angle less than 3mrad
Power consumption
less than 800W
Galvanometer speed
25k high-speed imported galvanometer
Maximum scanning angle
60 degrees
Operating voltage
220V ± 20% 50/60HZ
Scanning system
25kpps, scanning angle ±30°
Temperature control system
Digitally driven with heating and cooling functions
Miya Laser Light
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