MIYA Professional P3 3000mw DJ Laser Lights lighting fixtures

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  • 3000mW Guaranteed Output
  • Scanner: 30kpps@8°
  • Laser Wave Length: 445-640nm
  • M3 projector is a Class 4 laser product
  • Professional high speed optical scanner system running at 30k
  • TTL RGB colour modulation for sharper and precise visuals with full colour intensit.
  • Connect the projector to your controller using a standard 25-pin ILDA cable.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Guaranteed and Maximum Output Power
Experience the dynamic capabilities of the MIYA 3000 laser lights system, boasting a rock-solid guaranteed output power of 3W and an astonishing maximum output power of 1.2W in full-color Red, Green, and Blue.
Precision 30K Graphics Scanners: Where Ingenuity Meets Precision
The MIYA P3 stands as a testament to precision with its meticulously crafted 30K graphics scanners. These engineering marvels elevate accuracy and beam formation to an unprecedented level.
The outcome is a laser lights system that thrives in the realm of high-caliber professional applications.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Versatile Control Options for Unbridled Creativity
  • Seamless control over the MIYA P3 is granted through multiple avenues.
  • Whether you opt for ILDA FB4 or DMX control, or prefer the autonomy of stand-alone operation in auto or sound-activated mode, the power to curate dazzling displays rests in your hands.
  • The integration of DMX and ILDA FB4 control grants you the finesse to actualize your desired visual effects with unparalleled precision.
Unveiling the Beauty with Atmospheric Depth
The addition of a fog machine to the equation transforms the MIYA P3 3000 experience.
The light beam, crisp and ethereal, dance through the air with an almost tangible quality.
flicker of lighting becomes a stroke of artistry, filling the atmosphere with an enthralling mystique.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
From Space to Stage: The MIYA P3 Enchants All
Prepare for an unparalleled light beam spectacle as the MIYA 3000 commands the space it inhabits.
This lighting marvel has the prowess to captivate any environment, making it a versatile choice for an array of applications.
From fixed installations to mobile setups, multimedia endeavors to far-reaching outdoor displays, and even the realm of precision-driven graphic projections, the MIYA 3000 proves its mettle.
Laser Classification
 Class 4
Laser sources
Full diode lasers
Beam diameter (1/e2)
less than 4.0mm
Beam divergence (1/e2)
less than 1.0mrad (full angle) 
Laser Wave Length
Maximum total output power
Scan angle
50degree,Max: 60degree
Laser emission window
 B+W anti-reflective coated 
AC power input
100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Input power
120W maximum
Max. ambient temperaturet
Min. ambient temperature
Miya Laser Light
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