T2 ilda laser lights
T2 ilda laser lights
T2 ilda laser lights
T2 ilda laser lights
T2 ilda laser lights
T2 ilda laser lights
T2 ilda laser lights
T2 ilda laser lights

MIYA T2 1~5W RGBY ilda DMX Laser Lights Show DJ Light Projector

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  • The T2 Series Laser Lights Fixture boasts an extensive selection of 128 preset graphics, ensuring a diverse range of visuals to create captivating shows that leave a lasting impression.
  • Engineered with user convenience in mind, the T2 Series laser projectors offer a straightforward plug-and-play setup.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
The T2 Series laser lights Utilised by default, the OPSL module provide a wide range of colours and high luminosity and brightness of the system over long projection distances.
Exceptional Brightness
The T2 Series laser lights is offered in 6 versions - 5 Watt laser light, 4 Watt laser light, 3 Watt laser light,2 Watt laser light,and 1 Watt RYGB fitted with either Orange or Yellow OPSL.
Due to our latest breakthroughs in beam-shaping techniques, all these models produce an enormous amount of luminosity, meaning they are seriously bright!
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
  • The laser show projector profile of each colour is near round, and all beams perfectly match each other in shape, size and divergence, ensuring all the mixed colors are crisp clean without any halos around them.
The T2 Series laser lights is 30% lighter, significantly smaller and more robust than its predecessor and most conventional laser light projector in its class.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
MIYA T2 Series RGB laser lights
Beautifully and practically designed T2 Series laser lights offer world-class performance, superb beam quality, a wide range of colours, inspiring features to help you succeed, and comprehensive control options for easy integration into existing systems.
Power supply
AC110/220V, 50-60Hz±10%
Rated power
Laser power
Laser modulated signal
TTL modulation
Type of laser
imported semiconductor solid-state laser
Beam diameter at the aperture
less than 6.5mm
Beam divergence
less than 1.3mrad 
Laser wavelength
 red  638±5nm, green  520±5nm, blue 450±5nm
Scanning system
15KPPS high speed  scanning 
Control mode
DMX512 signal control /self-walk/voice control/master-slave 
Control interface
international DXM512 , can connect with American pangolin laser software and tiger, pearl, MA controller,etc.
Suitable places
one beam protection, no signal to close the light, etc
Suitable places
show,dacing hall, club, Bar and other enterntainment venues
Working environment
carton case 
Miya Laser Light
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