MIYA Y3000 Professional Analog Stage Laser System - 3W 30K

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  • Y3000 3W analog animation laser
  • 30K high speed optical scanner
  • 12/25 DMX channels and ILDA control /DMX512 signal control /self-walk/voice control/master-slave
  • APP remote control + tripod
  • Auto shows and 2GB SD memory
  • Red (638±5nm), Green (520±5nm) and Blue (450±5nm)
MIYA Laser
Y3000 Laser Rave Lights
Discover the Y3000 Laser Rave lighting, a cutting-edge lighting system that offers a seamless blend of analog/TTL modulation.
This innovative device allows users to adjust the laser's brightness effortlessly, resulting in a mesmerizing array of vibrant colors.
Y3000 Laser Show System
Experience unparalleled control with the Y3000 laser light show system.
Offering international ILDA control, DMX512 signal control, self-walk, voice control, and master-slave functionality, this device can seamlessly integrate with renowned laser software such as American Pangolin, German Phoenix and Tiger, Pearl, MA, and other consoles.
MIYA Laser
MIYA Laser
Easy Installation and Portability
    • The Y3000 projector christmas lights is designed for convenience.

    • Its versatile bracket comes with a hanging hole, allowing you to suspend it from the roof, wall, or table.

  • Additionally, the stand can be manually rotated by 180 degrees, adapting effortlessly to any environment.
Unmatched Selling Point - Small Yet Powerful
Step into the world of extraordinary lighting with the Y3000 dj laser light.
Its compact size belies its impressive brightness, making it one of the most potent small 3W full-color laser lights available. Measuring just 34*29*27cm and weighing a mere 4.5Kg, it's the perfect choice for bars and other similar venues.
MIYA Laser
MIYA Laser
A Dazzling Array of Effects
Experience 128 captivating laser effect patterns built into the Y3000's motherboard.
From rotation, flipping, and zooming to fading in and out, waving, changing colors, and sizes, this device is ideal for indoor and outdoor events, including DJ performances, bands, clubs, karaoke nights, parties, and more.
Laser power
Laser wavelength
638nm red, 525nm green, 450nm blue
Laser type
 imported semiconductor solid-state laser
Beam diameter / divergence angle
less than5mm and less than 2.0mrad
Scanning systeml
30KPPS, scanning angle ± 20 °
Laser modulation signal
Analog modulation (choose one)
Beam diameter at the aperture
less than 6mm
Control mode
International standard ILDA control / DMX512 signal control (6 / 25CH) / self-propelled / sound controlled / master-slave / SD card playback mode (optional)
Control interface
International ILDA DB25 interface
Laser pattern
Inbuilt hundreds of patterns and animations . SD card hold thousands of graphics and animations
Miya Laser Light
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