RGB 2W DJ Laser Light 3D Full Color Animation Patterns Sound Activated Party Event Effect Light

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  • Power: Boasts a powerful 2W green laser with a 350mw output at 520nm, ensuring vibrant and visible lighting effects across a variety of settings.
  • Playback System: Versatile playback options including DMX512 compatibility, sound control for reactive laser light show, and automatic modes for hands-off operation.
  • Control System: Features a high-speed oscillating mirror to deliver dynamic light movement, with a scanning angle of ±20° and an input signal tolerance of ±5V. Linear distortion is kept below 2% for clear, consistent effects.
  • Program Effects: Offers a wide array of beam effects, geometric patterns, and animations. Comes pre-loaded with over 200 effect programs, allowing for a diverse and engaging laser light show.
  • Program Programming: Allows for the arrangement of various beams and animation programs, giving users the flexibility to customize their light shows to match any event or mood.
  • Control Interface: Equipped with a DMX control interface, featuring 17 channels for comprehensive control over all light show aspects.
  • Power Supply: Supports a dual voltage AC110/220V 50/60HZ power supply, making it adaptable to various power systems worldwide.
  • Applicable Places: Ideal for KTV private rooms, small bars, and similar intimate venues, enhancing the atmosphere with its captivating laser effects.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Stunning Visual Impact with MX009 Stage laser party lights
Illuminate your stage or party venue with the MX009 model, a dynamic and vibrant laser lights designed to enhance any event's atmosphere.
With a powerful output of 2W green at 350mw (520nm), this laser light projects captivating beams, geometric patterns, and animations across the room, creating a mesmerizing visual feast for your audience.
Its versatile playback system, including DMX512, sound control, and automatic modes, allows for seamless integration into any stage setup, ensuring a flawless show every time.
Advanced Control for Perfect Synchronization
At the heart of the MX009 lies its sophisticated control system, featuring a high-speed oscillating mirror that enables precise beam movement and a scanning angle of ±20°.
This, coupled with an input signal of ±5V and linear distortion less than 2%, guarantees the ultimate precision and clarity in every laser light show.
With over 200 effect programs stored and the capability for custom arrangements, the possibilities are endless, allowing for truly unique performances tailored to your event.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Designed for Durability and Ease of Use
    • The MX009 is not just about stunning visuals; it's also built to last.

  • The laser housing is dust-proof and sealed, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, even in smoke-filled environments.

  • This ensures a longer lifetime and more stable performance compared to other lasers on the market.

  • Additionally, its excellent cooling system design, featuring a large heat sink and four high-speed fans, prevents overheating, allowing the laser to operate smoothly for extended periods without any compromise in quality.
Versatile and Customizable for Any Event
Whether it's a wedding, DJ set, disco, or private party, the MX009 RGB animation laser lights is the perfect addition, offering full-color displays that add charm and excitement to any occasion. Applicable in KTV private rooms, small bars, and more, its 17-channel DMX512 control interface offers unparalleled control, while the option to customize your logo on the laser makes it uniquely yours.
With the MX009, elevate your events to new heights and leave a lasting impression on your audience.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Control System
Features a high-speed oscillating mirror to deliver dynamic light movement, with a scanning angle of ±20° and an input signal tolerance of ±5V. Linear distortion is kept below 2% for clear, consistent effects.
2W green 350mw (520nm)  
Playback System
DMX512, Sound Control, Automatic  
Control System
High-speed oscillating mirror; Scanning angle ±20°; Input signal ±5V, linear distortion less than 2%
Program Effects
Various beams, geometric patterns, animations, storing over 200 effect programs
Program Programming
Capable of arranging various beams, animation programs 
Control Interface
DMX512 (17 channels) 
Power Supply
AC110/220V 50/60HZ
Applicable Places
KTV private rooms, small bars, etc.
Miya Laser Light
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