Voice-Controlled DJ Disco Laser Lights Beam Effects - Perfect for Party

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  • 128pcs latest laser patterns
  • 15kpps vibratory mirror system
  • Professional 12 Channels
  • Laser power: R200mw/650nm G80mw/532nm B300nw/450nm
  • Controlled by DMX, sound active, auto run and mater-slave
  • High precision stepper motor scanning system
  • Mini size, easy to carry outdoors.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
M1011 Laser Lights: Laser Show with Cutting-Edge Precision
Experience the enchanting charm of M1011 laser lights that seamlessly blend starry points and intricate motifs.
Featuring a staggering collection of 128 advanced laser patterns, these lighting offer an array of vibrant color combinations and numerous multi-colored beams, perfect for elevating indoor and outdoor spaces, such as DJ setups, live bands, bars, clubs, karaoke lounges, and parties, into realms of magical, kaleidoscopic visuals.
Unleash Possibilities with 12 Channels
The M1011 laser light projector stands as a portable RGB laser masterpiece, driven by a dynamic Angle Step Motor Scanning system.
Boasting an extensive 12-channel setup, this marvel grants you the power to command dj laser light effects and seamlessly transition between operational modes by linking to the DMX console.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Effortless Mastery through Diverse Control Modes
    • Navigating the M1011 stage lights is a breeze, with options including DMX control, sound activation, auto sequencing, and master-slave synchronization, all designed for user-friendly operation. Our M1011 dj laser light offer a trio of automated modes:

    • 1. Auto mode: Unleashes a randomized array of pattern colors, crafting a dynamic ambiance..

  • 2. Flash mode: Swiftly emerges, twinkles, and dissipates, generating captivating strobe effects.

  • 3. Sound-responsive mode: Patterns' hues dance in sync with sounds and rhythms, offering adjustable speeds.
Embark on a 3D Animation Odyssey
The M1011 festival lasers, paired with the DMX controller, orchestrate a lighting symphony tailored to the party vibe.
Behold the marvel of 3D Animation: A high-speed optical scanner crafts animated visuals, a medley of beam shows, and graphics..
Parameters like movement, rotation, zooming (+/-), drawing, and speed can be finetuned to your desire.
Miya Laser Light
Miya Laser Light
Simple Setup and Portability
The M1011 laser light projector ensemble effortlessly adorns any space, facilitated by a bracket's bottom hanging aperture.
Whether suspended from ceilings, walls, or tables, the stand permits a manual 180-degree rotation, ensuring optimal placement and adjustment.
Operating Voltage
AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Input Power
Laser power
Green 80mw/520nm; Red 100mw/638nm; Blue120mw/450nm
Laser color
Scanning system
 High precision stepper motor scanning system
Laser pattners
Full sky star spot and small pattern
Control mode
DMX512; sound active; auto run
Control channels
Working environment
indoor (10-35) °
Cooling system
Working environment
 indoor (10-35°)
Miya Laser Light
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